Pearls collected from the most sustainable farms in the world, hand selected and produced, just for you

Our Philosophy

At Kwan Collections, we look at pearls differently.  While the size and shape are very important characteristics, we believe in placing higher values on character specific traits such as the luster and color first.  This philosophy brings a unique perspective where each pearl is prized as we believe that each gem is an individual gift from nature.

Our Tahitian and South Sea pearls are sourced from the most sustainable and most influential pearls farms in the world and we guarantee they are free from any color or luster enhancements.  In-fact to insure that our South Sea and Tahitian pearls are never treated, we bring them directly to the farms to the US where we design, create and set them.  
With over 40 years of working with both large scale jewelry stores, one of a kind designers, and individual private clients, our customers can expect a piece of jewelry that has been created with meticulous attention to detail and one of a kind craftsmanship. Kwan Collections Gems brings the finest pearls and gems with an emphasis on its color, luster, and shape.